"All is process. That is to say, there is ‘no thing’ in the universe. Things, objects, entities, are abstractions
of what is relatively constant from
a process of movement and transformation. They are like
the shapes that children like
to see in clouds."


Shanti Arts - Cultivating the Art of Simplicity in Photography

Online workshop (by invitation only): please contact if interested in accessing material

Life, Beauty, Cosmos: Art by Sam Ilachinski
This site contains a sampling of (non-photographic) works by the man most responsible for instilling a lifelong love of art - any art - in me,  my dad. Sadly, he passed away in 2002. But his art, passion, and vision live on.


Lyntis Beard - Artist
The web gallery of a dear friend of mine, who shares a predilection for traversing vast, nonlinear spaces that intersect art and science. Lyntis and my dad are among the finest artists I have ever known.


Art Photo Index (API) 

Black & White Magazine 

Saatchi Art 

Washington Project for the Arts 


Black & White Photography  
3-hr presentation of the basics of black and white fine-art photography

Photography, Physics, and Complexity: Strange Bedfellows or a New Aesthetic? 

Slide presentation on the subject of photography, art, science, and the creative process

(presented at Alexandria's historic Morrison House (116 South Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA

22314), sponsored by the Torpedo Factory's Art Center

Science & Art: Self-Entangled Pathways Toward Inner & Outer Truths  

2017 Humanities and Technology Association Conference, Newport, RI


Photography: An Eightfold Path Toward Self-Discovery 
Luminous Landscape, September 30, 2015

Still Points Arts Quarterly, Fall 2016

Synesthetic Landscapes 
Stone Voices magazine,  Winter 2013